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Warrior in survival

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Survive. How ground-breaking is this word.

Mangaluru:It’s a colossal(huge) piece of life, to live in such a world we as a whole need to endure.

Internal fights, ailments, psychological well-being, societal issues is so enormous that we, as a whole, try to figure out how to survive it.

It probably won’t be the simplest of tasks, however we need to come up with a solution to deal with it because most of the time that is our only option.

It’s said that pick your fights astutely(wisely), yet we can’t generally pick it, more often than not it’s unavoidable; however we without a doubt can win the fight admirably.

The journey of life is a courageous ride, at any rate for me it has been one.

From this egotistical behaviour to someone warmer than earlier, from an extrovert to an ambivert, from love is silly to love is the loveliest inclination(feeling or tendency), from a sound life to the skirt of a finish of life, from the most grounded mentality to a frail young lady, I’ve been enduring everything.

I hit the bed to wake up with a paralyzed body, enduring these fights for years, it’s battling against them, it’s breaking the foes.

Alongside medical problems comes a great deal of things in bundle, however we have to figure out how to battle it.

These issues of life, in life, make us solid. We understand the significance of things that we underestimated.

The top notch doctors couldn’t analyze my concern, hospitals and their medications didn’t chip away at me, powerful painkillers sometimes fell short for, lakhs of medical procedures was a disappointment. Parcel of wrong moves, part of flighty(irresponsible) takes, tears shed, money spent; however, I didn’t surrender.

From limping to being bound to wheelchair my life took a colossal turn. However, it came with its own high points and low points.

I’ve seen the greatest days to the most noticeably awful days, yet the best part is I’ve figured out how to endure everything cause I’ve had a magnificent support system.

From I can’t sit up today to I can’t move my limb today to I can’t inhale right today; from I think we need a few tests done to I think we have to operate on her; from it will be a triumph to sorry we fizzled; from she’s regaining the power on her limbs to sorry it’s not going to work; from we can do it, to please take her we can’t deal with this; from carry her to our ER to sorry we close the case. I’ve seen everything.., except prepare to be blown away. I’ve endured.

I won’t be on a wheelchair I expressed! Noisy enough for it to be considered. Utilized the walking aids, fell down got up fell again hurt myself, thought it’d assist me with adhering(stick on) to my no wheelchair choice. But little did I know, the day that i tried pushing away, finally arrived, where I was put on a wheelchair and I understood not all things can be as we want it to be.

For the initial 2 years I didn’t leave the house, special cases were the situations when I went to the hospitals.
I was taken to the therapists and psychiatrists, I loathed those days, responding to unessential inquiries, discussing my days, I didn’t need that I thought, but little did I know that it would help me find myself in the labyrinth my mind created.

Gradually I understood I can’t continue doing this, I can’t sit back and state that it’s the end, I had to make myself believe that it isn’t the end yet.

In this excursion of life I lost a ton yet gained substantially more. I didn’t experience run of the mill, I didn’t live through school life or college life, didn’t go out with friends, I lived a bizarre life;
I’ve been taught to be someone mature enough to deal with all of it even when I didn’t want to.

It is all for the better.

Regardless of what, the battle will come to an end, just know that you my dear can win this, you can defeat your obstacles. It is difficult yet not impossible.

You are a warrior.

Kansa Saleema

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