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Anxiety is a visitor passing through

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Mangaluru:It begins with your mind revealing to you that something isn’t right, however you re-think your musings and excuse the way that something is thumping at the rear of your mind warning you about the upcoming storm. Steadily you feel your body responding to your mind. It’s an awkward inclination spreading all through your body and not having the option to allow your mind to rest or get settled. Your body continually shouts. You understand that you aren’t breathing at a normal rate any longer, you are battling to rest. You have the want to continue moving having no clue about by what other means to quiet yourself down. It feels like the world has eased back down yet it’s going quick. You can’t focus. Your musings are going almost too fast to measure. You attempt to talk with your breaking voice pretending everything to be normal yet everything you can do is falter. You rock back and forth attempting to quiet yourself from dropping. Tears begin gushing down your cheeks and your nails begin scratching through your skin while blood overflows from the injuries your nails have caused. It appears as though it’s been hours along with this agony where as it’s simply been few minutes since the anxiety has begun. 

You simply stay there, and your mind begins to ponder and you start to feel like everybody is watching you. Your mind begins to put forth the most terrible situations ever. You begin getting paranoid that somethings going to occur, you realize your brain isn’t in your control any longer. Your nervousness assumes control over your body and it’s holding you hostage. You hear murmurs, shouts and insults. They mock you. Murmurs ask you do things which seem to be extremely simple yet a thousand times increasingly entangled. They in general become a piece of you. 

The voices are terrifying and tormenting. The words aren’t as astonishing, the fact that this is your own voice is all the more, unnerving. 

You feel exhausted almost all the time. You feel yourself being the mayhem to your brain and your voice being toxic to your heart.

You get hurt over and over again, yet you decide to remain and watch the new scars everyday. With each and every piece of solidarity left in you, you have to grin cause the show must go on.

You have to remain strong and put one hell of a fight before you give up, cause falling is simple but getting up is the hardest part.

Continuously keep recalling, you are a soldier.
Endeavor to be the light that helps other people. Know that regardless of the fights that life tosses at you, you can’t lose.

Someday you will win and everything will be alright!

You can’t surrender to this struggle, not yet.

-Azzfar Razack

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