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Youngest entrepreneur : Captain Abdul Razzaq

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In today competitive era we need to be smart as well as updated. This article is all about a guy who is not also a successful entrepreneur but also a role model to today’s youth. We as Indians feel proud to facilitate such boons to our society. Mr. Abdul Razzaq Born in silicon city, went through all odds and accomplished his dream in networking. Leaving behind the past owned traditional business Abdul started his own ventures in to professional networking. What you saw you ripe is the perfect example of Abdul. He has gone worked hard to achieve milestones.

Abdul Razzaq Born in, Bangalore on September 17, 1998. He was the eldest son of Chand pasha, Moving away from the traditional businesses of the family, he guided the business strategic development and gave it overall development and decision, he was known for his hands on approach to business and he played a key role in setting the brand, Millionaire Ventures in the Indian market, and also steering the group of companies and giving shape to the MILLIONAIRE VENTURES vision for the future. Abdul Razzaq is a true visionary and the founder of MIVEN VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED, he is now the India’s YOUNGEST CEO & Self Made Millionaire in the history of direct selling industry, he has been a reason for potential growth of many direct selling companies in India, he is a life coach and also the best business consultant along that he was a part of many private projects and has been the reason for developments, he is now on a mission to uplift the youths and to help the needful people to get rid of financial aids, and for the better fulfillment of humanity and people’s lives.

Captain Abdul Razzaq is youngest Professional Networker, Business Coach, Trainer & Motivational speaker,Self-made millionaire. Recently he has been Awarded as the ‘INTERNATIONAL ICONIC INDIA’S YOUNGEST ENTREPRENEUR’ at Mumbai. Hardwork will pays to succced in life. He is an perfect example of ‘think big dream big’.

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