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Congress and Leadership, strangers to each other!

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The Grand Old party of the country, the Indian National Congress ever since found way back in the year 1885 has never looked back when it came to sovereignty and predominance. However, the structure doesn’t seem to be the same currently. Who is to be blamed? What went wrong? Where? Why? How can it be revived?

The party workers frustrated and furious say that nothing seems to be happening. The middle management sound helpless. Who is going to take up the baton this time? How long is the Congress going to take to select a President for themselves?

Questions everywhere and in every mind. The Karyakarthas are still waiting to see a ray of hope to see their party revive. In 2017, when Rahul Gandhi was made the Congress President, a part of Congress was elated and a part of it weren’t. Confusions in the minds, if this man who has no experience in organization was handed the baton, would he justify his role. On the other hand, a sigh of relief that a member of the Gandhi family took it up. The Congress was not ready to split as happened in the history.

Rahul Gandhi is an educated man with lots of positivity, hope and faith on his people but failed to run the show and proved that in the 2019 elections. But was the 2 years (2017 – 2019) enough time given to him to prove himself? The negative strategy making him famous as “Pappu” ruined his image. How did the Congress strategize itself to fight against this negativity?

2019 elections saw the worst fall of Congress. Rahul Gandhi decided to take the moral responsibility of this loss and quit the position of the President of Indian National Congress. The AICC back in the hands of Sonia Gandhi is still looking for a better skipper to row the ship back to the position where no wave can alter the fate of it, come what may.

Blaming the top leadership in Congress alone doesn’t suffice. The Middle Management has been equally responsible for Congress to be ripped apart. The District Level leaders also have failed to reach their party workers and the local people. The same continues when it comes to the Block and Booth level leaders. Most of the places, there are scenarios of Congress not even having their Booths, places where once was a strong hold of the Congress. The party losing the ground level warriors is because they do not receive any support from their leaders by any sort. So, is the Congress failing to create the next generation leaders? Shows that its simply the insecurity the leaders have and a fear if their heirs will go unnoticed if the “REAL” party workers gain attention.

The Dynasty politics that the BJP speaks about the Congress, is not new to the BJP as well. Dynasty Politics is everywhere. Politics today has fallen to a state, where it is identified as a money-making arena, spilling and spreading filth and hatred, that the politicians are proud of. It is high time that the citizens of this country stand up for their rights and start treating the political leaders as the people who are bound to serve them and not to rule unconstitutionally.

Anyhow, its high time the party leadership recognizes the true hardworking party men and retain them back in the party and build it back to bring the Glorious Congress to fame, that the efficient hardworking leaders left it from.

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