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Have our Elected Representatives Become Blind , Deaf and Dumb Regarding Gejjegiri Temple?

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Sri Kshetra Gejjegiri Nandanabittil, the Moolasthana of Deyi Baideti and Koti Chennaya at Badagannuru, Puttur is in the center of a controversy.

The fight over the ownership and administration of the temple has brewed up and Owner Shridhara Poojari has filed a case regarding the same in Puttur Court.

While the hearing of the case is still pending before the court, financial mismanagement allegations have been made against Shridhara Poojari.

Shridhara Poojari alleges that Deyi Baideti and Koti Chennaya Kshetradalitha Samiti has not provided accurate bank account information and balance sheet. On the other hand Kshetradalitha Samiti has alleged that Shridhara Poojari has used the money from ‘Hundi’ for his personal reasons.

The fight between Shridhara Poojari and Kshetradalitha Samiti has become a matter of discussion on Social Media.

Though Gejjegiri Temple controversy is making news since weeks, State Government has not taken any action. Even, The Minister of Muzrai, Kota Srinivas Poojary is mum over the issue.

The financial mismanagement of Sri Kshetra Gejjegiri temple has shocked lakhs of devotees. Many devotees are appealing the state government in social media to solve temple’s issue.

Meanwhile, devotees of the temple had gathered for a meeting at Kankanady Garodi and demanded to preserve the sanctity of the place.

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