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Spend unforgettable, fascinating and enjoyable moments at Krishni’s Heritage Village! Beautiful site to host any event!

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Maya Builders

Mangalore: For any event to be memorable, it needs a place.
Various ideas apply to the attractive hall, the stage, the parking lot, the dining-room space, and so on. But there is also the need for a beautiful atmosphere.

Krishni’s Heritage Village in Adyar Kannur caters to all such demands. This is the place for wedding, engagement, party and other events.

Located just 3 kilometers from the Pumpwell Circle, Krishni’s Heritage Village, with its vast location beside the highway, is ready for any event.

The charming hall, the lavish interior design and all the amenities are here.
The specialty is that the parking area is reserved on a 4 acre lot so that there is no parking problem.

Krishni’s Heritage Village is also a beautiful environment with open air event on the river bank.

There is a huge discount on the startup right now,

Rush now and boom the wedding venue for just Rs.25000 /- this offer is for limited period only.
The basic cost of a program is Rs 50,000. Compared to the vastness and diversity of the place, this amount is also competitive.

Krishni’s Heritage Village, located near Kannur Check Post. Tourist places in and around Mangalore
Book your next event today and get an offer.
For booking contact:

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