Monday, October 2, 2023


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Someone asks a little child one day – Which class are you?The child replied – “Online Class”

Such is the case in this Corona Era. ?

Such is the innocence of the Child ?

The Online classes being held since a year, that covers the Kindergarten children to the Professional courses students is nothing less than a headache and nuisance to the parents. Education is important, but not this way. There was a time not long back where the children were not allowed to be given phones to be used at home and schools. Now the entire education runs digitally on phones, laptops, ipads. Parents are in helpless condition.

The higher grade students manage their digital studies all by themselves, but parents are insecure of not knowing if their wards are actually using the gadgets for classes or their personal use. On the other hand, the little ones who need assistance to attend classes. The parents are in a fix to fix the connections to these extremely developed “not” so user friendly digital class apps!

The question arises:

What if there is no such sophistication to the parents to afford such gadgets? Will the school or the government provide them? No, ultimately, it’s the child who faces the embarrassment.

What if the parents have more than one child? Do they have to have more of these gadgets to provide to all of them?

Now, coming to the working parents of the little children. Who is going to assist them in setting up their classes, making them write exams, uploading of answer papers on time???

Projects – irrelevant projects dumped on the child – forced to complete on time and present. Who is going to work on the project? A child of 5 years of age or the parent?

Not to forget the teachers who also have faced a terrible situation because of this. Teaching online from home is not easy, specially to aged teachers who never thought they had to be tech savvy to teach !

Are the schools dumb? Or acting deaf and dumb? Government is already in a state of mute, doesn’t mean that the schools have to go by what they suggest. Look into what kind of students come to your school and then decide.

Was it that difficult for the government to declare a Zero Academic year, a need of the hour to all to cope and come out of the struggle that they have already faced last year.

All we need to do is Wait and Watch, to see what tunes will be played to be danced to !

-Sheryl Iona Aiman.

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