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Our World – Our Parents

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Mangaluru (Feb.5):Our parents are the most important blessings in our life. We spend maximum amount of our time with them during our life time. Our parents are our roots that support us at the base underground; though they are hidden underground, our existence without them is impossible. As there can be no present without the past, similarly, the young cannot have their being without parents.

We forget to comprehend their power of keeping our world stable.They earn and work for us!

Where would we be without their loving care?

Would our survival possible without them?

Our very life will come to a standstill without them. Have you ever been hurt?

Have you ever undergone the agonizing pains of heartbreak?

Have you ever fallen ill?

Have you ever felt any dilemma in your life?

Have you ever felt lonely and forlorn?

If yes, you must be remembering vividly who stands by you through the vicissitudes of dark and hard time! Of course, our parents!

Our parents shine in our dark world like rays of light. Great authors, leaders, scientists, doctors, etc. often had supportive parents. The truth is our parents are the most indispensable part of our life. They are the light of our otherwise dark world. We must respect them and love them for their invaluable light of love and wisdom in our life!

And after all we hail from the country, which truly believes, Maathra Devobhava, Pithra Devobhava.

Mangalore Varthe Wishes You All a Bright Political Future.

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