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Stop robbing innocence! Start saving dignity!

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Burn those bloody monsters much like how Ravan is burnt even to this day!

Why are we compelled to be silent?
Why is our apparel more precious than our feelings?
Why are we sexually harassed?
What makes a rapist do that?
Are our bodies a chunk of meat?
Don’t put on revealing clothes! It’s all your fault! You earned that! What the fuck even?!

Mangaluru (Feb 21):We stay in a world wherein we aren’t best blamed however additionally instructed that it’s our responsibility to make sure that we aren’t assaulted. Something is without a doubt incorrect with the justice system if sufferers are those who’re blamed for her harassment.

A girl said no, get this immediately into your head it is a NO. It does not fucking suggest that she’s playing hard to get. It isn’t always a game, you fool.

Why is that this is difficult to understand?
If she does not want to have sex with you, if she does not want to head on a date with you or be in a courting with you and she says no it really is due to the fact she does not need to!
So please turnaround friend, begin walking away.

Little girls hide below their beds greater terrified of the demons past the door than those inside their head, those Demons – they have got faces and names. The hurt and hatred was not enough, now they needed to be raped and continuously degraded.
She then grows up as a sufferer, she is by no means a person, simply a statistic.
She has no identification and has no voice, society pretends that she made the choice. Society will drag her in and ask her all about the past, courtroom docket will sincerely press charges however they by no means stick nor they appear to last.
The guy will pass unfastened and he’s going to pick some other sufferer ,can be the following rate towards him will Alter The dictum.

She has to find solace whilst in her inner self, she is a mess.
What can she do in a society that breeds rape culture?
Society slut shames, victims blames and act downright vulgar. Why are they anticipated to dilute and tone down their personalities to be greater appealing?

When it involves girls, they say dont be too opinionated, too confident, too educated, too passionate, too robust willed.
But when it comes to guys, oh by no means does it often involve guys.

It’s ok to promote whats among a womans legs than to state its internal workings.
She wears revealing clothes, she’s asking for it.
She’s drinking, she’s asking for it.
She wears shorts/skirts, she’s asking for it.
The fact “SHE” exists is solely cause she is asking for it!

Yes she wears dresses, one piece, bodycon, shorts or what ever the fuck she wants, to fulfill her consolation, not to fulfill your eyes, you moron.

This world needs to
Stop making their daughters princesses, it is high time you guide them to become warriors who sniff on the attack however will roar and engrave their tale on their monsters grave.
Burn those bloody monsters much like how Ravan is burnt even to this day!!

-Azzfar Razack

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